Hey hey!

I'm so glad you came! One of my biggest fears in starting a website/ blog is that only my husband and mom would visit it and the thought of designing it myself was very daunting... BUT it's been on my heart and mind to get this done for awhile SO here it is! Sometimes you just gotta get it done, and not get it done perfectly... amiright? 

I hope you can get something out of this space, whether I can teach you what I've learned about lettering or we can just talk about life and motherhood! 

I put together a mood/inspo board of sorts that I currently have for the blog - which when I showed my husband he gave me a confused look and asked if it was "some kind of artsy thing" haha I really wanted it to feel: elegant, bold, pretty, soft... if all of that is even possible at once


I also change my mind about this kind of stuff like every other day, so hopefully y'all like change, too! I'd love to know what you think!