Three Things I'm Loving

I love listening to podcasts. Do you? I listen to them when I work and I have found myself tuning in for the 15 minute drive across Stillwater. One of the podcasts I like is Jamie Ivey's called The Happy Hour. She interviews a lot of women doing big things in the world and I always leave encouraged. As she wraps up her podcast she asks "what are three things you are loving right now?" Usually referring to products, books, etc...

I want to make this a regular thing and share what I'm loving. 


Since I already mentioned podcasts, I figured I wouldn't leave you hanging on what else I listen to... I know you're just dying to know. 

Jenna Kutcher's The Goal Digger Podcast - This girl knows her BUSINESS

Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine - HILARIOUS

Jeff & Alyssa Bethke's Love That Lasts - super encouraging about marriage and they have experts break down the anatomy of marriage 

Those are my favorites right now, but I also really liked Up and Vanished (if you haven't already listened to it!)

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

This is the devotional that I post in my instagram stories and get asked about! I got mine off amazon. It's a great devotional that also provides scripture to study along with encouraging messages (and additional scripture to study at the end of each reading.) 

You can get it here.

Hallmark Christmas Movies

They're back! They're back! We are avid Hallmark Channel Christmas movie watchers over here. Yes, WE. We record the new ones every weekend. I'm even thinking about making a tshirt design with the popular saying, "I just want to bake stuff and watch Christmas movies" - what do you guys think?! Should I do it? Let me know in the comments!

I want to know, what are three things YOU'RE loving?