3 Reasons You Need Hand Lettered Items At Your Wedding

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Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! You are in the right place! As you sit down and plan out a budget for your upcoming wedding, I would strongly suggest making room for hand lettering signs and/or stationary. If you're worried about expense (which I totally get!) - I think hand lettered signs are one of those things (like photographs) that are worth it in the long run. Here's why: 

1. adds personality - you get the chance to show your personality through your wedding signage. Signs like "trust me, you can dance! -alcohol"  really let the bride and groom's personality shine through in the decorations. You also can use hand lettered goods to set the tone - for instance - a super fancy wedding invitation suite vs. a boho floral theme lets the guests know how to dress and what to expect at the wedding!

2. gives direction - do you want an "unplugged" ceremony (no phone photography) or do you want the guest to order some drinks before you make your grand entrance to the reception? Tell them using signs! It takes the confusion out of the night and everyone can relax and have a good time - including YOU!

3. leaves a lasting impression - I don't know about you, but when I receive a beautiful invitation in the mail, that thing is going to hang on the fridge (usually well after the wedding) because I like to look at it! Same goes for wedding signs at the wedding - I don't know how many of my brides have told me after their wedding how many people complimented their hand lettered wedding signs! People notice these things! 

Bonus reason: You get to keep the signs after the wedding day and use them in your home! It's like a 2 for 1! Strategically plan what signs you want for your wedding, so that afterwards you can hang them all over your home! 

Now tell me in the comments, what's the funniest wedding sign you've seen?!