5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Business

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I am constantly encouraged from listening (to podcasts) and watching all these amazing creatives dominate in their business. I have had my shop open for a couple years, but would say I’m pretty new to the businessy side of things. I really just spent two years writing on things for people, all while trying to keep my head above water in this thing called life. I’ve been in survival mode – especially after we started fostering our little girl! However, I think I’ve kind of gotten a hang on things (no I haven’t, lets be honest) – but I AM motivated to grow and evolve as AP Letters.

I’m learning and implementing these things – and probably always will be – here are a few things I’m focusing on this year in my business.

1.     email list – everryyyyy business person stresses how huge this is. Just before the end of 2017 I finally got my email list going. However, I’ve sent a couple emails, but haven’t really committed my time to it. It’s a little paralyzing to have to consistently come up with content. But we can do it! Jenna Kutcher talks ALL the time about how you don’t own any other social media followers, but you can grow your email list and that’s YOURS! I’m making this my main goal for my business in 2018!

2.     make friends: I have met so many amazing people over instagram and this brings me a lot of joy in my business! Building a community over the internet is a powerful thing in your business. For one – it’s networking! Networking with other creatives can open a lot of opportunities for collaborations and exposure! For two – I am constantly encouraged by other creatives in all things life, motherhood, and business.

3.     focus on what you love – If you’re not doing this – you’re doing it wrong! I am so grateful for all the work that my friends, family and customers have provided me over the last couple of years. Seriously, I would not be where I am today without the custom orders and for being pushed out of my comfort zone to do everyone’s crazy ideas! I have lettered on a lot of thangs. There have been things that people have come up with that I love to do, and some that stressed me out more than anything. This year I want to focus on doing things I absolutely LOVE and realize I don’t have to do the things that stress me out. I’m talking to YOU! You have full control over what you do! You don’t have to take that super stressful job, cook that fancy dinner, or plan the most perfect 1 year old birthday party. This people pleaser is preaching to herself!

4.     get organized – I just finished reading A Simplified Life by Emily Ley and she got me all sorts of organized going into the new year! If you’re needing to get that kick in the pants to be motivated this year – start organizing. Start with you email – clean it out. If you’re like me, you let it pile up with junk mail and then business emails get lost. One of Emily’s best tips were to flag the important emails that need responded to as they come in! I also cleaned out my messages, photos, notes, and apps. I would check out Emily’s instagram @emilyley for tips on all of this. Next, I went to my computer and organized all of my files (which were a TON) into folders label by year and then project! It really makes me feel ready to take on this next year of orders! It also really makes me realize how unorganized of a person I have been the last couple of years. Next up for me to organize is my photos – Lord, help me.

5.     set specific goals - Goal planning isn't for everyone - I am type A, so I really thrive when I set good goals. We all want to lose weight, read more books, and spend less time on our phones. However, when these goals are left broad, you will be less likely to attain them. So a couple for me this year - get 500 more subscribers to my email list, read the bible in a year, read 15 books, and spend less than an hour on instagram a day (your phone tracks this in the settings.) This year, I'm trying out the PowerSheets by Lara Casey @cultivatewhatmatters - and I'm loving them! This helps you set goals and check in on them daily, weekly, or monthly!

That’s all I have for ya – I want to know your tips for your business! What’s the number one thing you think everyone should be doing for their business? Tell me in the comments below!