5 Silly Quirks About Me

I always love finding out different, quirky things about people that I follow on the internet. It's easy to tell you that I'm a wife, mama & I can letter - but isn't it the silly stuff what we all want to know?! I know I do! So here are five silly facts about me, Ashlyn Postier!

1. Hot tamales are my candy of choice! I've also recently been on a dorito kick! We usually shop at Aldi - but I had to make a special trip to walmart JUST to get doritos. I hate grocery shopping, so you know I'm serious about them doritos if I go to two stores in one day.

2. Dylan and I go to bed together every night - is this weird or normal?! Ever since we got married, we go to bed together at the same time! He has to get up WAY earlier than me most days - but I will just read next to him until I'm tired! I actually love that we have made this our normal.

3. I don't drink pop - if I order a pop at a restaurant, it is a very rare day! In high school I cut out pop during basketball season & just never really got back into it! I played basketball a couple years in college - so I guess after all that time I really just don't crave it! I do enjoy a root beer every once in awhile though!

4. I'm a socks girl - I have to be wearing socks. Even in my house I cannot stand just having bare feet! And when I sleep I have to have socks on. I feel like I'm in the minority here because I always hear how people hate socks! Is this normal or weird?? Let me know. I've always wondered! 

5. For number five I wanted to answer a bunch of random questions that I've seen floating around on insta:

*how tall are you - 5'10"

*coffee or tea - coffee

*sweet or savoury - GIVE ME ALL THE SWEETS

*beach or mountains - I literally cannot choose so BOTH

*night in or night out - night in

*dog or cat - what's a cat??

*pizza or pasta - pizza

*one of my biggest pet peeves - freakin screen shots on my camera roll, but how else will I remember the info ???

So there you go! A bunch of randomness that hopefully paints a better picture of who I am and what AP Letters stands for! I'd love to know something quirky about you! Comment below & share something about YOU!